General Information

Factors Influencing the Business Strategy of JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT"

Strategy 2030 has been devised taking into consideration the importance of intense competition in the world market of nuclear technologies, products and services.

In this context the Company's achievement of the strategic objectives is objectively determined by a number of key competition-related factors listed below, which underlie the Company's business strategy that is feasible and easily adjusted for the new challenges and hazards:

  • availability of highly efficient technological production facilities (four separation plants in Russia);
  • impeccable longstanding record of supplies to numerous clients all over the world;
  • efficient distribution network including subsidiaries in the key target markets;
  • ability to offer competitive prices and other compelling commercial parameters in contracts;
  • flexible terms of supply, including supplies using foreign material stock accounts;
  • readiness to accept market and exchange risks on the required scale;
  • ability to ensure minimum time from receiving raw material (in places convenient for the clients) to supplying end product;
  • ability to ensure reliability of supplies through stock reserves;
  • ability to offer NFC products and services component-wise, as well as in "packages";
  • availability of up-to-date international legal framework for cooperation with countries that are key market players.

The objective development trends of the world nuclear energy and the NFC products and services markets provide new opportunities for the Company to strengthen its market position. The following factors are taken into consideration when adjusting the business strategy:

  • dynamic development of nuclear energy in the countries of the Asia-Pacific region in geographical proximity to Russia;
  • plans for developing nuclear energy in Eastern European countries with which the Russian suppliers have long-standing business links;
  • rising interest of energy companies to complete supplies (EUP/FA);
  • intention of energy companies to diversify supply sources.