General Information

Key Instruments for Achieving the Strategic Objectives of JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT"

The aforementioned competitive advantages enable the Company to build up direct sales to end users (energy companies), which helps improve the Company's business efficiency and strengthen its market position.

The Company is consistently implementing marketing strategy aimed at:

  • developing direct relationship with energy companies;
  • negotiating long-term contracts (10 and more years);
  • prioritising the promotion of products with the maximum added value;
  • considering specific character of regional markets, applying flexible approaches based on priorities of the clients.

The implementation of the strategic initiative "retaining global leadership in the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle" requires that the Company:

The business ideas associated with creating new transport corridors for deliveries of uranium products to the Asia-Pacific region through the Far East and directing the freight traffic through the Trans-Siberian railway directly through one of the ports in the Far East are being developed. Energy companies in Japan and Republic of Korea have demonstrated an interest in this project. During 2011 the Company has taken the necessary measures, including those requiring cooperation with foreign partners, to prepare "pilot" shipments of uranium products using the new route.

Implementation of this project will help:

  • improve competitive advantage of the Russian NFC products in the Japanese market;
  • encourage Japanese investment in upgrading the Far East transport infrastructure;
  • improve reliability and reduce delivery time for the products of Russian enrichment facilities from three months to three or four weeks;
  • generate additional traffic flow of nuclear cargo through transit from Europe and Australia.

The membership of the Company in established international and regional specialised associations (WNA, NEI, JAIF, KAIF, WNFM) will aid promoting strategic interests of the Company and the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM.