Appendix № 11. Feedback Questionnaire

Your opinion about JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" 2011 annual report is very important to us.

1. Please indicate the category of stakeholders you belong to:

2. Have you obtained the information about the Company that you were looking for in the Report?

3. What section of the Report is of the most informational value for you?

4. Please score the Report in terms of accuracy and fairness:

5. Please score the presentation style of the Report:

6. Please score the appearance of the Report:

7. What information would you add to the next Report?

8. Would you like to become Company's employee after having read the Report?

9. Would you like to become Company's partner after having read the Report?

10. Please score the value of the Report:

11. Have you read the Company's Report for the previous year?

12. If you have reviewed the Company's Report for the preceding year, please score the 2009 and 2010 Reports of "TECHSNABEXPORT" using scores from 1 to 5, in the following categories:

Ease of presentation:
Sufficiency of information:
Thank you for your interest in our Company!
When you complete this questionnaire please label it "Annual Report" and send it to: By mail: 15184, Moscow, Ozerkovskaya nab., 28, bldg. 3, OJSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" By fax: +7 (495) 951-17-90, + 7 (495) 953-08-20 By e-mail:
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