Performance Management

Preventing Cases of Corruption

Prevention of corruption in the Company is the responsibility of the Department of Internal control and audit department for Security and Regime.

Financial and economic activities of the Company and its six subsidiaries registered on the territory of Russia were examined in the period under review.


procurement procedures
evaluated by the Directorate for security and regime

By virtue of the Company's order, the Code of ethics was endorsed and displayed on the internal corporate portal. The Code was developed on the basis of the Code of ethics of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM. In 2011 the Directorate for Security and Regime examined 318 legal entities and 315 natural persons.

The Company is actively involved in the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM's programme aimed at prevention of embezzlement and fraud. In order to avoid conflict of interests, the Directorate for Security and Regime analysed the materials of 461 contracts concluded by the Company with its counterparts, and evaluated 128 procurement procedures.

The Directorate for Security and Regime in cooperation with the Department for Corporate and Legal Work are implementing a set of activities aimed at creating a system for prevention of corruption in the Company.

In 2011 the Company's assets worth 62.4 mln roubles were protected.

The Company's business partners were reviewed with the purpose of identifying insolvent firms, fly-by-night companies and criminal structures; the Company's assets were protected against groundless offences by unfair suppliers. The prevented damages amount to nearly 1.15 mln roubles.


rur mln
amount of prevented damage

Within the framework of activities aimed at protecting the Company's interests against wrongful actions by legal entities and natural persons, the indications of fraud were discovered in connection with a certain Russian counterpart. The facts were Reported to law enforcement authorities and the procurator's office. It resulted in preventing a potential damage to the Company totaling 63.05 mln roubles.