Performance Management

Quality Management

In December 2011 the Company underwent a re-certification audit of QMS in accordance with the DIN EN 9001:2008 standard. Based on the results of the audit, a positive conclusion was obtained and the TIC certificate (TÜV International Certification) of the German certification body TÜV THÜRINGEN № 15 100 86053 was prolonged until 2014.

Indicators have been developed for all the key processes in the company's operations. These indicators help regularly evaluate to what extent the targets have been met and, where necessary, adjust the QMS in a timely manner. The comprehensive analysis of QMS efficiency is carried out no less than once a year.

Quantity of remarks following the QMS certification and supervisory audits trend

The key indicator of the quality of the Company's operations is the degree of customer satisfaction. This indicator is reviewed annually under the QMS.

During January – March 2012 the Company developed, approved and sent feedback forms to customers to assess their satisfaction based on export obligations fulfilled in 2011 under two certified segments of the Company's operations:

  • organisation and implementation of NFC production import and export;
  • project management of NFC facilities construction.


returned feedbacks forms

As a result, 32 feedback forms were returned, of which 31 were from the Directorate for uranium products sales and one from the Directorate for engineering projects.

The number of returned feedback forms by years is given in the diagram below.

Changes in the number of returned feedback forms


general customers' satisfaction index in 2011

Based on the analysis of the returned feedback forms in accordance with the procedures approved by the Company, the general satisfaction index in the reporting period equalled 100%, which exceeds the 2011 target quality indicator.

Changes in general customers' satisfaction index over 2007-2011

  Satisfaction index
  Target satisfaction index
  Satisfaction index trend

Feedback procedure enable the Company to improve organisation of its core operations and directly manage its quality.