Performance Management

Risk Management Organisation

The risk management system (RMS) was developed in the Company in 2011 under the influence of two key factors:

  • the Fukushima nuclear accident, which displayed a low probability and risk of a serious nuclear accident, which in terms of risk management means that special attention should be paid to low probability risks, as they can transform into strategic risks for the industry as a whole and the Company in particular. Relating to the Company's objective to ensure absolute reliability and promptness of supply, with zero readiness to the risk of supply failures, this event required a meticulous study and careful evaluation of operational risks, even those considered low probable, and mitigation measures;
  • new stage of development of risk management system of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM and its organisation – the stage of implementation of practical methods for assessing and managing key risks. The Company's objective at this stage was to develop, based on the world's best practices as well as economic and mathematical modeling tools, the quantitative evaluation of the susceptibility of financial and economic performance indicators to a group of risks, underlain by uncertainty (volatility) of future market and macroeconomic parameters and measure the obtained evaluation of indicators with the indication of risk preparedness.