Performance Management

Diversification of Shipping Points

Diversification of shipping points for the uranium products exported by the company will be achieved through two projects – TLC "West" and TLC "East" .

A pilot shipment of four 30B cylinders was done through Ust-Luga commercial sea port (CSP) as part of the TLC "West" project.

For 2012, in accordance with the passport of the project, approved by the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, plans have been devised to finish by due course of law the transfer of the building site for temporary storage facility (TSF) for 7th class of hazardous products from forest category of property to the industrial and other purposes land property, which is required to formalise the rent of the land plot, as well as receive a State expert conclusion on the project and launch the construction process of the TSF.

1. Kapitolovo base
2. CSP St. Petersburg
3. CSP Ust-Luga, Storage facility

Under the TLC "East" project, the preparation for the pilot export shipment of enriched uranium, planned for 2012, has been completed, including the organisation of the supply chain, reaching agreements with the key partners and performing licensing procedures.

The Company initiated an amendment (made in 2011) in the Russian Government decree that included in the Far-East ports Nakhodka and Vostochny into the list of sea ports approved for ships transporting nuclear materials.

1. CSP in Tokyo
2. CSP "East"
3. Russian enrichment and sublimation complex enterprise
4. CSP in St. Petersburg
5–6. CSPs on the East and West Cost, the USA