Performance Management

Licensing and Customs Support, Internal Export Control Programme

In 2001, JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" became one of the first Russian companies to receive' a certificate of state accreditation as an organisation that established an internal export control programme – a set of organisational and technical measures aimed at ensuring conformity to the export control legislation of the Russian Federation. In 2011 the period of validity of the state accreditation of the Company was prolonged by FSTEC until 2016.

The state accreditation enables the Company to carry out export shipments of uranium products to the UK, Germany, France, China, the Republic of Korea and the US, based on general licences, issued by FSTEC based upon the relevant decrees of the Russian Government, which considerably reduces delivery time under the current contract liabilities.

In 2011 the Company obtained 62 individual licences for export of nuclear materials.

Over 300 customs documents were received by the customs authorities.

JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" continuously monitors validity periods and relevancy of certificates and approvals of protective shipping packages (PSPs) used by JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" for deliveries; whether suppliers/consignees of nuclear goods have the relevant Rostekhnadzor licences for the types of activities associated with the use of nuclear energy and dedicated plans for remediation of possible transport accidents; meeting deadlines of temporary import/export of PSPs (30B containers and/or protective covers).