Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder Engagement Events

...adequate communication level and business are inter–related processes. If partners understand each other's objectives, opportunities and problems – there starts a dialogue and it gives way to appropriate decisions...

"Expert" magazine № 14, April 2012
President of TENAM Corporation

In the 2011 reporting campaign the Company, being a key organisation, i.e. "an organisation which operations are significant for positioning of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM in the Russian and international markets", continued to take part in the project for establishing an industry-wide public reporting system aimed at building trust through stakeholder engagement based on the international standard AA1000 SES.

In the reporting year the Company completed the process of establishing a system of public reporting: a Public reporting committee (19 members) and a Stakeholder commission (15 members) were established. In addition, a number of local regulations were approved, including the Standard and the Regulation for public annual reporting, as well as a Provision on the Stakeholder commission.

Stakeholder Engagement Events

Stakeholders were involved in all the stages of preparing the 2011 annual report, from developing a concept to discussing the final Report draft. Stakeholders had an opportunity to share their recommendations and make their requests.


Various aspects of stakeholder engagement in 2011 are described in Chapters JSC "Techsnabexport" Management System, Results of Activities in the Reporting Period, Performance Management и Sustainable Development Activities of the Report.

Four events have been held in the course of the Report preparation: three meetings were held in person and one was organised remotely. Representatives of all the stakeholder groups took part in these meetings. The participation figures are provided below:

  • discussion of the concept for the Company's 2011 annual report in the form of a questionnaire (30 participants);
  • discussion on the topic "JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" business strategy in new circumstances" (40 participants);
  • discussion on the topic "Improving the management mechanisms that ensure supply chain security" (37 participants);
  • public consultations of the Company's 2011 public annual report draft (50 participants)

The questionnaire about the Report concept, which was sent to stakeholders, identified their opinions on the priority of the stakeholders in the Company's activities, which is shown in the rank map.

Rank Map of JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" Stakeholders

  Y – Index of stakeholders' influence on the Company
  X – Index of stakeholders' dependence on the Company
  А – Mass media, B – Environmental organisations and NGOs, C – International organisations of nuclear sector, D – Transport companies, E – Subsidiaries and affiliates, F – Competitors, G – The Company personnel, H – Suppliers, I – the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, J – Clients

The Company's management and specialists, representatives of specialised departments of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, partners, suppliers, subsidiaries and affiliates, supervisory, public and environmental organisations, transport companies and mass media participated in these events.

The meetings and discussions were moderated by an independent certified host and the Company's non-financial auditor was present at every event.

The Company's Director General participated in the public hearing of the Report draft.

...all of us – "TVEL", TECHSNABEXPORT and "Atomredmetzoloto", are a part of a large holding structure – the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, and we all have one interest – that of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM... we are helping each other achieve the objectives set by the Corporation...

Deputy Director General at JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT"
V.N. Govorukhin

Discussion № 1 – Discussion of the Report Concept

The Discussion № 1 took place from 13 until 20 January 2012 in the form of a questionnaire about the Report concept. The questionnaire was addressed to the representatives of the key stakeholders and they were asked to share their opinion on a number of issues, including:

  • suggested the top priority theme for the Report and topics for discussions with stakeholders;
  • the draft of the Report structure;
  • the key events/achievements of the Company suggested for disclosure;
  • parameters of the Report, including the stated level of conformity to international requirements and standards;
  • identifying and ranking stakeholders.

Based on the results of the questionnaire (30 questionnaires were analysed) the concept of the Report was adjusted. In addition, the Company managed to find out the level of information disclosure required by the stakeholders in the initial stage of the Report preparation.

Discussion № 2. JSC "Techsnabexport" Business Strategy under New Circumstances

On 27 March 2011 JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" hosted a discussion on "JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" business strategy under new circumstances" with its stakeholders. The discussion was attended by the management and specialists of the Company, representatives of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM, JSC "TVEL", JSC "Atomredmetzoloto", JSC "IUEC", JSC "SPb "IZOTOP", foreign distribution subsidiary of JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" – JSC TENEX-Japan, Moscow office of the US Department of Energy, foreign companies (Areva, Mitsui, NAC International), Rostechnadzor, FSTEK, environmental and non-governmental organisations and mass media.

During the discussion the Company's management presented detailed information about the results of the reporting year, its specific circumstances and future plans.

...I was very impressed with today's presentations from our dear colleagues from JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT". I hope that all the information presented in these Reports will be incorporated into the annual report. I found this information very clear, concrete and thorough... I would like to highlight the strength that JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" the end of 2011. The accident in Japan put at risk JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" ability to meet a number of targets, but due to the company's professionalism and efficiency, a number of compensatory measures were taken and this year's results are very good...

Deputy director at Directorate for nuclear energy complex coordination and development at the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM
O.I. Linyaev

On the Picture: Dialogue with Stakeholders in the Office of JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT"

Discussion № 3. Improving the Management Mechanisms That Ensure Supply Chain Security

On the same day, 27 March 2011, another discussion was held with the representatives of stakeholders on improving the management mechanisms that ensure supply chain security. The issues of logistics as a key element in ensuring supply chain security were discussed, as well as improvement of corporate management systems and risk management.

...Japanese energy companies would like to show their gratitude in the understanding that it was very difficult for JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" to accept the situation and show support, cancel certain orders, which entailed a great deal of work, and postpone deliveries until later dates. by all means there was a lot of work involved and they are very grateful...

Мitsui&Cо. representative
N.B. Musaelyan

Public Consultations on JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" 2011 Annual Report Draft

The public consultation on the Report draft took place on 25 April 2012. In the introduction to his presentation on JSC “TECHSNABEXPORT” key results in 2011, the Company’s Director General emphasised that one of the primary objectives of the public hearing is discussion of the Report draft content in order to carry out — in accordance with the industry-wide policy in the area of public reporting — public verification of the Report with regard to the significance and completeness of the information in the Report, as well as the quality of stakeholder engagement and the Company’s responsiveness to their request in the course of preparation of the 2011 Report.

On the Picture: JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" Director General Reporting on Key Achievements of the Company at Public Consultations

...we tried to take into account the recommendations that we received in the course of the discussions, as well as the comments made by the experts after the examination of the Report at the public reporting committee of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM...

Director General at JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT"
А.А. Grigoriev

The issues of stakeholder engagement in the course of Report preparation and follow-up activities aimed at taking these recommendations into account were talked over during these discussions. The participants were also informed about the regulatory framework for the public reporting and organisational measures taken by the Company. Representatives of stakeholders made a number of suggestions about the text and about possible improvements (for more information see Chapter Stakeholders' Proposals Accounting).

On the Picture: Public Consultation on the Report's Draft With Stakeholders