Sustainable Development Activities

Labour Protection

Occupational safety procedures at JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" and JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" are organised in accordance with the Labour Code of the Russian Federation and other regulations. In 2011 The Company developed a Regulation on occupational safety at JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" SТО-09-030-082-2009, which specifies the responsibilities, obligations and authority of different categories of workers with regard to occupational safety measures.

Occupational safety measures taken by the Company are certified according to GOST12.0.230-2007. Certificate 004648 SSOT was obtained in February 2010 and remains valid until 25 February 2013.

In accordance with the schedule of measures to improve the working conditions in the Company and render them healthier, which was prepared based on the certification of working places, medical examination of 14 of the Company's employees was carried out in a specialised medical organisation in the reporting year. According to the results of medical examinations no occupational diseases were found.

All the necessary trainings were held in due time in 2011.

State agencies for control and supervision in occupational safety did not carry out any audits at JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT".

The key objectives of JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" in the area of occupational safety are ensuring the priority of preserving the life and health of employees in the course of their work and preventing occupational traumas and occupational diseases. The Occupational Health and Safety Management System at JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" was certified for compliance with international standard OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Requirements Standard in 2009. Certificate 302002 BSOH was obtained, which is valid until 28 December 2012.

In December 2011 an observation audit was held. As a result of the audit the Company obtained an approval from the certification body to renew the certificate for the following year.

In 2011 the following occupational safety measures were taken:

  • occupational safety measures were taken, funded by JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" and Russian Federation Social Insurance Fund worth 2.44 mln roubles;
  • funding was allocated to finance the measures aimed at improving the working conditions and occupational safety, equalling no less than 0.5% of the production costs;
  • training and an annual examination of the employees' knowledge of occupational safety requirements were held by standing commissions in accordance with the existing occupational safety training programmes. The members of the commission received the required training and examination on occupational safety in the educational organisations at St. Petersburg;
  • seven health and safety guidelines were revised and approved;
  • new regulations on providing the Company's employees with special clothes, special footwear and other personal protective equipment have been developed and approved;
  • the Company's existing occupational safety management guidelines (OSMG) have been aligned with that of the State Atomic Energy Corporation ROSATOM as of 21 September 2009;
  • in order to ensure adherence to regulations and efficient occupational safety management, the job description of the head of quality and health and safety service was amended, its functions, responsibilities and powers with regard to occupational safety were revised;
  • administrative and public three-stage inspection of occupational safety in the Company was carried out on a monthly basis;
  • lists of employees were approved by the local body of Rospotrebnadzor, in accordance with which 53 employees underwent medical examinations in a specialised medical institution in 2011. According to the results of examinations no occupational diseases were found;
  • the Company's employees were equipped with certified personal protective equipment in line with the norms of distribution of free special clothing, special footwear and other personal protective equipment. In 2011 the Company spent 457,000 roubles on personal protective equipment;
  • the working conditions at eight work places have been improved; 30 employees working in the environment with potential effect of ionizing radiation were awarded additional compensation for harmful working conditions;
  • in December of the reporting year the Quality council conducted an analysis of the state of the occupational safety management system and set the objectives for 2012.

State agencies for control and supervision of occupational safety did not issue any instructions to JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" in 2011.

The governmental statistical Reports in the area of occupational safety for 2011 were submitted on time to the local Rosstat office and to the higher authorities.

Key indicators of JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" occupational safety system performance:

  • Total number of employees (total number of employees and controlled employees managed by the company) at JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" – 207 people;
  • Occupational accidents, occupational diseases in 2010, 2009, 2008 in the Company – 0;
  • Accident frequency rate (AFR) – 0 ;
  • Occupational diseases rate (ODR) – 0;
  • Days lost rate (DLR) – 0;
  • Absence rate (AR) – 6,353.7;
  • Fatalities rate in 2011, 2009, 2008 – 0.