Sustainable Development Activities

Ensuring Radiation Safety of the Personnel

JSC "TECHSNABEXPORT" employees are never directly exposed to nuclear materials. For this reason ensuring radiation safety of the personnel (as well as occupational safety, see next paragraph) is disclosed in this Report in the section about JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" operations.

JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" is the only organisation in Russia that has a full set of certificates and licences for handling various cargo of 7th hazardous class during storage and transportation. JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" strict adherence to current transportation regulations, providing the required level of physical protection and transportation on approved routes in non-faulty PSPs enables the Company to minimise the risk of negative environmental impact.

Radiation exposure of JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" employees in 2011:


    annual-average effective exposure dose of JSC "SPb "IZOTOP" personnel
  • Annual-average effective exposure dose of personnel – 0.377 mSv;
  • Instances of exceeding normative radiation exposure limit for personnel – 0;
  • Instances of exceeding 50 mSv radiation exposure dose for personnel – 0;
  • Maximum individual whole-body dose of external radiation exposure – 1.37 mSv;
  • 100 %

    of employees located in the zone of negligible risk
  • Percentage of total number of personnel individually monitored for the purposes of radiation control and included into ARMIR system (System for evaluating individual radiological risks) – under 1%;
  • Percentage of personnel located in the zone of negligible risk – 100%;
  • Percentage of personnel located in the zone of increased individual life-long risk – 0.